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SnapSwap: Travel cheaper. Redeem the best deals by sharing rights to content you're recording anyway.

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Trade travel pics for local deals

Step 1: Find food, activites, or services

Browse around the area you're eyeing. Find the best deals and include them in your travel plans.

Step 2: Submit pics or vids

Take a pic or video of the deal you're redeeming. Submit it to the business with SnapSwap.

Step 3: Redeem deals

Get the deal. Present it to the business. Done!


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Horse riding in exchange for photos of the experience. It's a win-win! Photo by Kajetan Sumila
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain insights into the powerful features that SnapSwap offers and how it can elevate your travel plans.

Why SnapSwap?

SnapSwap is a unique platform that allows you to trade your travel pics and videos for local deals. It's a win-win for both you and the businesses you're supporting.

What kind of equipment do I need?

You should generally own a DSLR camera or high-quality equivalent that shoots RAW (for photos). A lot of content creators also edit their photos on-the-go either on their computer or phone. You don't need to bring external lights or tools unless you want to.

Am I being annoying by asking for deals in exchange for content?

Not at all! Businesses on SnapSwap are looking for content creators to create content for them, and they are willing to offer deals in exchange for them. It's a win-win for both parties.

I have submitted my content for a given deal. What's next?

Once you've submitted your content, the business will review a watermarked low-resolution version of the image. If they reject it, you can try submitting another one. If they accept it, you can go to the business and redeem the deal, and they receive a high-resolution version without a watermark.

What is the minimum following on Instagram or TikTok I need to have?

There is no minimum following required to use SnapSwap. As long as you can create high-quality content, you can use SnapSwap to get deals. We promote content creators, not influencers.

How much can I get per piece of content?

The amount you can get per piece of content depends on the business and the deal they are offering. Generally, we encourage businesses to offer at least 15 USD of value per piece of content.

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